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TODA Industrial Gear 100

TODA Industrial Gear 100

Product Descriptions

TODA Industrial Gear 100 is a high quality industrial lubrication oil. This oil helps preventing reactions with oxygen at high temperatures without disperse quickly. It is excellent protection against wear, tear, and corrosion of gears and bearings. It also prevents foam, rust, and separates from water quickly. It is suitable for all types of gears, bearings, and industrial gears that need to cope with high pressure.


Quality Attributes

- Superior bearing protection 

- Excellent anti-foam protection

- Excellent rust and corrosion protection

- Outstanding demulsibility characteristics

- Resistance to oxidative sludge and varnish

- Protection from galling, scuffing and welding of gear teeth


AISE 224 (U.S. Steel 224)

AGMA 9500-E02 and Strong FAG FE-8 Performance

David Brown S1.53.101(E)




ISO VG 100

Packing Size


Product Code

18 Liters - 8 859323 100810

200 Liters - 8 859323 101121


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