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TODA Axle Fully Synthetic 75W-85

TODA Axle Fully Synthetic 75W-85

Product Descriptions

TODA Axle Fully Synthetic 75W-85 is a fully synthetic gear lubricant formulated from synthetic base oils and an advanced additive system. TODA Axle Fully Synthetic 75W-85 is a synthetic transmission oil and has been developed for use in the most heavy-duty hypoid transmissions in rear axles and manual transmissions. It can also be used in all transmissions in which 'Extreme Pressure' oils are recommended.





Quality Attributes

- Excellent Anti-Wear and Extreme-Pressure Properties.

- Compatible with normal mineral oil, hence no special flushing procedure is needed when changing from mineral to synthetic oil.

- Compatible with many elastomers and other sealant materials.

- Superior shear stability and reduced oxidation.

- Outstanding Low Temperature Performance and High Temperature Oxidation Stability.




SAE J2360

MAN 342 M1, M2

Scania STO 1:0

ZF TE-ML 05A, 07A, 08, 12E, 16B, C & D, 17B, 19B, 21A

Volvo 1273.10




SAE 75W-85

Packing Size


Product Code

1.0 Liter - 8 859323 102609

5.0 Liters - 8 859323 102616

200 Liters - 8 859323 102630

12 x 1 Liter - 1 8 859323 102606

4 x 5 Liters - 3 8 859323 102617


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